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Thomas C. Chung

Artist Thomas C. Chung

Thomas C. Chung is an Australian artist based in Sydney and Scandinavia. Chung received a BFA from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales in 2004 and has since been invited to participate in residencies around the world including The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency. Since 2008, Chung has exhibited in 11 solo exhibitions, the 2nd Land Art Biennial Mongolia and his work is in numerous private collections.

Q: Can you describe any new projects you are working on?
A: I'm currently researching my next body of work here in Switzerland.  About a year & a half from now I've consciously chosen to stop knitting & crocheting.

My artistic practice has been a continuing narrative. I started in 2008 - seen from a child's perspective. As they grow older & as I grow older, the materials I use to describe their feelings will have to change. Seeing the world through their eyes, the softness will eventually fade, evolving into something much much more...

To see more of Thomas C. Chung's work visit:

"These Are The Colours I See In You......"Thomas C. Chung, 2013. Photo Credit Bo Guo

Q: What got you interested in knitting?
A: I started knitting in Scandinavia several years ago.Out of necessity (traveling away from Australia), I needed a material which could literally carry the narrative of my story. Knitting & crocheting fitted all of the things I required out of this (conceptually & practically), so thankfully I eventually got the hang of it. 

"These Are The Colours I See In You......" Thomas C. Chung, 2013. Photo Credit Bo Guo

"These Are The Colours I See In You......"Thomas C. Chung, Installation View. 2013. Photo Credit: Bo Guo