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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

Connect with Knotwe to learn, find resources, news and explore new interpretations of technology, tradition and fiber community networking.

Terms of Use Agreement

Terms Of Use and Agreement


1.     Selecting I, Agree to Knotwe Terms of Use and Agreement acts as an electronic signature binding the Individual or Group member to these terms of use and agreement between Knotwe and the Individual Member and/or Group Membership party.

2.     Knotwe is not responsible or liable for any of the content, advice, consultation, misrepresentation or otherwise resulting from the Knotwe Membership portal, and/or the Knotwe Talks platform.

3.     Knotwe is not responsible or liable any events, agreements or business relationships resulting from Knotwe Talks.

4.     Inappropriate, offensive or abusive use of the Knotwe Talk platform will result in banned membership of the party(s) involved and cancelation of membership entirely. It is the responsibility of members to report inappropriate, offensive or abusive use of the Knotwe Talk platform.

5.     Knotwe has the right at any time without notice to change these terms or add or eliminate any terms of use of the Knotwe Talks platform.

6.     Knotwe has the right to at any time disable the Knotwe Talk platform and/or member services as Knotwe sees fit. This includes to update, revise or add new features to the Knotwe Membership portal.

7.     Knotwe Talks are intended to enable members to talk about pre-arranged topics that foster community, self-efficacy and promote fiber arts.

8.     The Process: Knotwe schedules members for a meeting only when 8 members in total share the same discussion topic interest.

9.     Knotwe uses software that selects a time that is a reasonable time for the international members or groups involved. 

10. Once a meeting time is issued, it is the individual member or group members responsibility to log-in to the meeting prompt at the correct time.

11. Knotwe is not responsible for rescheduling in any event or at any time.

12. Knotwe is not responsible for an individual member or group member not attending a scheduled meeting. 

13. Meeting times are non-negoitable. The meeting time is established with notification sent to members attending.  Group Administrators will receive notification however it is the responsibility of the Group Administrator to notify the other members of their group.

14. You shall indemnify and hold Knotwe harmless from any liability, cost, ecpense, loss, claim or demand, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Knotwe website, Member portal and/ or Knotwe Talks.

15. Knotwe does not intentionally share any Member or Subscriber data with any third party.

16. Knotwe is not responsible for Member Profile images, submitted images, bio content or any other content or materials placed on the Knotwe website or Knotwe Membership portal at any time.

17. Knotwe has the right to refuse membership to  Knotwe Membership at any time without reason or notice to the applying member.