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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

Connect with Knotwe to learn, find resources, news and explore new interpretations of technology, tradition and fiber community networking.


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Knotwe spends alot of time looking for interesting material to cover through our favorite blogs, on Twitter, Pinterest and what is in the latest news. Knotwe is all about where it is that our research takes us.  But we know there is alot we may be missing that is amazing and your help is huge to us! If you would like to submit material to Knotwe for possible inclusion on the Knotwe website or in our printed material, please complete the form below. We love to hear and see what you are working on ! If you would like to submit your projects for possible inclusion on the Knotwe, please make sure you send us your press package with high-quality images to knotwestudio{at}gmail{dot}com.


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Complete this form and email knotwestudio[at]gmail[dot]com your media package (i.e. high-quality images etc) that better informs us of your work, company etc. We look forward to reviewing what you send us.
I hereby attest that the submitted material and images are my original works. By submitting these materials, I am authorizing use of these materials on and/or within any of Knotwe's publishing and/or social media platforms. To the best of my knowledge within the materials I am submitting, no ideas, images, concepts or otherwise have been plagiarized and are accurate representations. By selecting, I,Agree, this acts as my electronic signature acknowledging these terms.