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What Happened to Fashion? Curated by Lady Millard & Christopher Maxwell Tandy




What Happened to Fashion? Curated by Lady Millard & Christopher Maxwell Tandy


Looking for an interesting show to see this February? Check out an exhibit opening February 17 by curators Lady Millard and Christopher Tandy titled "What Happened to Fashion?" at the Con Artist Collective in NYC. The Con Artist Collective opened in 2010. In addition to putting on shows they also offer members & non-members access to a shared artist workspace on Ludlow Street. 

This upcoming show looks to be quite interesting and fits in with our recent Feature on kHyal. The press release for the show describes it as:

Fashion is a product of industry, utility, and trend. Clothing is built to dress according to the wearers needs and taste. Decades of fashion have been handcrafted by repurposing old styles and borrowing from the visual world, but more and more the ideal of fashion is one of non-industry.

Curators Lady Millard and Christopher Tandy ask "What happened to Fashion?" in the next show at the Con Artist Collective. "Fast Fashion" has made the design process into a function of haste. Branding is becoming more important than the clothing itself and designers are now seated behind computers to facilitate a non-industry of speed and image over style.

Where is fashion in this new world of memes and "nice" Instagram photography? Has fashion become a lost art? 

Show dates: February 17 - February 28, 2015

Con Artist Collective

119 Ludlow Street, NYC

( between Rivington and Delancey)