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Batsford Prize!




Batsford Prize!


There are a host of wonderful opportunities for artists and designers of all kinds. Sometimes it seems like you just need a degree in where to find them all especially if you want to find an opportunity across the ocean. As part of my New Year's resolution, applying to more opportunities is high on the list. It may be in vein but no matter what, it puts your work in the hands or rather eyes of curators and committees that may see an opportunity you do not.

In the spirit, of getting it out there, below is a link to an opportunity to any student in the applied arts or fine arts offered by the Batsford publishing house that is perfectly geared to the fiber artist, textile/surface/fashion designer in the making. Batsford is accepting submissions up to March 2, 2015 for:

One prize of £500 for Applied Art and Fine Art Students

One prize of £500 for all Fashion Students

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