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Knotwe Feature on Unmaking Things- Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art




Knotwe Feature on Unmaking Things- Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art


Image courtesy of Unmaking Things

Image courtesy of Unmaking Things

Just the name alone. Unmaking Things jumped to attention in part out of a rebellious urge to... YES! Unmake. And perhaps a slightly rebellious tone is what one finds in the articles published on this website by the History of Design MA students at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal College of Art. It is refreshing and inviting. The field of design history is particularly exciting at this time and it is in doubt due to the current attention and emphasis on making  and the build-up of ideas that are surging around and clearly prompting some very engaging work.

Unmaking Things is an unfurled laboratory of interdisciplinary research and writing on the contemporary issues of design history. Nine column categories (for example, Craft, Technology & Productions to Taking Fashion Seriously) delve into critical ideas. The quality that makes this platform important to highlight is that the content is clever, well-written and honestly a breath of fresh air and approachable. For fashion theory, textiles, technology, craft and the boundaries to explore, there is a wealth of brilliance in Unmaking Things editors and contributors that hallmarks an exciting future ahead in these areas of study and interest. 

In Knotwe's latest feature, we interviewed the Editor's-In-Chief, Annie Thwaite and Charlotte Flint to learn about what is on the editor's table for this upcoming year.

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