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Inspiring Fiberations




Inspiring Fiberations


This week some inspiring tidbits we came across that leave you inspired to think your love of the cloth may be something more than just a passion.

Always providing great finds online, the Craft Council UK shared a link to The London Cloths Company, the first cloth mill in London in 100 years! Daniel Harris opened it in 2011 and the short video below is insight not only into machines from another era but the sheer tenacity of this guys wit, skill, brilliance, whatever you want to call it, to create a mill that develops old school cloth for fashion houses around the world. It is really an inspiring watch.

Meet Daniel Harris, who has opened London's first cloth mill in 100 years... Filmed with the Canon C300, on location in east London at the London Cloth Company, in June 2014. Directed and edited by Florence Kennard Co-Directed by Victoria Fiore Camera by Owen Tanner Sound and original music by Tim Matthews