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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

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New! Knotwe Making It ~ Process Unveiled!




New! Knotwe Making It ~ Process Unveiled!


We a introducing a new part of Knotwe named Knotwe Making It (pun intended:) This new part of Knotwe is dedicated to artists and designers sharing the process behind their work. In every project or line developed there are many hurdles on the way to discovery and innovation. Courageous experimentation and risk is woven into the hours of labor that take creative energy from idea to execution. Knotwe Making It is a behind the scenes look into the studio life and toils of artists and designers working in fiber art, textiles and surface design.

Our first designer is Yuna Baek. She is a designer in Chicago who is integrating digital technology and tradition into leatherwork that has a contemporary punch. We are also proud that she is a member of the Fiber Textiles Surface Registry. 

My work is inspired by different modes of making. I am a designer who works around craftsmen, laborers, artisans, and artists. By watching them work, I am inspired by the tools, movements, gestures, machinery, techniques, processes, and materials that they use to do their craft. I am fascinated by processes that have existed for hundreds of years, and by processes that eliminate the human hand totally through use of computers, and boiling them down to how they are the same. I design furniture and housewares whose forms are inspired from how they are made. ~ Designer Yuna Baek
Image courtesy of the designer.

Image courtesy of the designer.