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Glenn Adamson Interview with Disegno Daily 10X worth the read!




Glenn Adamson Interview with Disegno Daily 10X worth the read!


Just finished reading a short interview Glenn Adamson did with Disegno Daily and have to seriously recommend this and any of the other interviews being done around the current MAD show. We would be curious to hear your thoughts. A lot of great points about art, design and craft, which if you are reading Knotwe, you are probably passionate about like us.

Quote from the interview:

What are you hoping to accomplish in your tenure at MAD?

In particular I want to take this phrase "arts and design", which had been used as the lynchpin of the museum’s identity since the name shifted in 2002 from the American Craft Museum. I think my predecessors had been achieving the sort of breadth that this phrase “arts and design” suggests and it was probably a necessary phase of development for the museum. But now I want to put the heart back into it. I often draw this letter T in the air to symbolise arts and design. Across the top it’s very, very broad, but then you need a spine in the middle to support that. I want that spine to be making, skill, knowhow and expertise. So that becomes the common factor in everything we do and show. Everybody has that kind of very masterful and innovative making.

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