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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

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Project: Mapping the Sustaining Centers for Fiber Knowledge




Project: Mapping the Sustaining Centers for Fiber Knowledge


As part of a Knotwe Pilot Project, we are asking Knotwe Hub Members and others to send us an email letting us know about local guilds, craft centers, community groups etc. that represent centers of fiber knowledge. A search on the internet can provide many things but for many non-profits and community organizations, having a web presence is not the foremost priority and yet these groups are often the life blood support for dedicated fiber creatives.

We would like to begin a project calling on you, our readers and your network, to let us know about these critical points of exchange supporting fiber groups. As part of this pilot project, we are building an international directory to help put places on the map. These centers for exchange are critical to the fiber network and represent a history too often not recorded or noted.

Please use our Contact page to send us an email with the link or contact email and a brief history of the guild, center or community group.

If you are a member of a local fiber-focused group, we also welcome groups into Knotwe Hub with access to all the collaborative resources that benefit individual Knotwe Hub members. To learn more about Knotwe Hub