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Your Fiber Studio BF




Your Fiber Studio BF

Kari Lorenson

Your Fiber Studio BF: Threads Magazine Tutorial Videos

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you are neck high in pattern or sewing process that you kind of know what your doing but you'd give your right arm for some easy to understand explanation? Every year the database of Threads online videos just gets better and better and it's free.

Visit Threads Magazine's website or YouTube to subscribe to the Threads channel. 

Whether you feel like your problem is quite complex or embarrassingly simple, the nice thing about these videos is you can watch them on a sleepy sunday morning or late night when you need inspiration to get through a problem. They also don't just cover sewing, there are alot of other tips and segments that branch into other tidbits that may be handy to know down the road. It's a library's wealth of information.

Learn how to burn and read the ashes for some common fiber types.