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Haystack FABLOOM




Haystack FABLOOM

Kari Lorenson

During Session 5 this summer (2013), Elliot Clapp, a fab lab technician, and Samantha Bittman, the weaving instructor, created this video with Samantha demonstrating how to use a hand loom, which she and Elliot designed and created.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts was kind enough to share with Knotwe an example of how their FabLab technology is integrated alongside their longstanding reputation for honoring craft tradition. 

The FabLoom came about with the collaborative efforts of last summer's weaving instructor Samantha Bittman and FabLab technician Elliot Clapp. The sides of the loom and rigid heddles are all cut by a laser machine.  After assembly, the warp is threaded on the loom, the rigid heddles are put into place and two rubber bands later....VIOLA! Ready to weave. Ingenious! 

Knotwe will be featuring an in-depth look at Haystack, their FabLab and unique vision for the future of digital craft.