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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

Connect with Knotwe to learn, find resources, news and explore new interpretations of technology, tradition and fiber community networking.




Knotwe Welcomes You!

Kari Lorenson

It may be cold and snowy outside but we are gearing up to deliver to you an exciting new site to explore, learn and innovate. While Knotwe begins to be filled with interesting information to keep you intrigued, inspired and informed about the world of fibers, we hope this new kind of hub for artists, designers, crafters and hobbyists alike will keep you coming back for more. Knotwe studio is bursting with time honored tradition and heart pounding thrills for innovation.

Whether you love sewing, felting, quilting, soft sculpture, weaving, textile design, craft, wearable technology, want to learn the basics or learn about what is news in the world of fibers, Knotwe welcomes you to the community. Come take part, make something.