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Knotwe is an emerging hub focused on the intersection of craft, art, design, technology and tradition in fibers, textiles and surface design. 

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Looking for opportunities to show, exhibit or get your work out there? FTSDR shares some upcoming opportunities that are collected online from a variety of sources. We do our best to vet these listings so it represents an opportunity that can take you to new places and lead to new opportunities. 

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CALL FOR ENTRIES | Materials: Hard & Soft National Contemporary Craft Competition & Exhibition


The Greater Denton Arts Council announces the opening of its 2016 Call for Entries for the 29th annual Materials: Hard & Soft National Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition. Recognized as one of the premier craft exhibitions in the country, Materials: Hard & Soft began in 1987 and was originally initiated by area artist Georgia Leach Gough. The exhibition celebrates the evolving field of contemporary craft and the remarkable creativity and innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media. Drawing hundreds of applications from across the United States each year, approximately 70 works will be selected for exhibition by our 2016 Juror, Elizabeth Kozlowski. As the curator of the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Kozlowki has over 12 years of curatorial and gallery experience with a specialty in contemporary ceramics. Of the works selected, Juror Awards in the amounts of $1,000, $750, $500 and $250 will be presented.

NEW! Online submissions and prospectus available at

SUBMISSION DEADLINE | September 4, 2015 by 5:00 p.m.

2016 EXHIBITION | February 5 – April 1, 2016 at the Patterson-Appleton Center for the Visual Arts in Denton, Texas.

Inquires may be directed to the Arts Council at (940) 382-2787


Knotwe Update

Kari Lorenson

   There is no better feeling this time of year than little bit of spring cleaning! Knotwe turned one year old this month and where we began and where we are heading is quite exciting. In September, we launched the Digital Fabrication Residency which is a program that works with artists to teach workflows that integrate project ideas with digital tools. This includes 3D printing, CNC routing, laser cutting, textile printing and digital embroidery. One of our fantastic machines is a 10-needle digital embroidery machine that is capable of producing large scale embroidery by multi-hooping. Our residents have also capitalized by creating a portfolio of pattern design and textile printed images based from their studio practice that utilizes the innovative company Spoonflower. Residents are able to produce textiles printed on silk, canvas, cotton sateen among the many material choices available through Spoonflower's print on demand services.

Image of machine at work to produce a 14" x 14" embroidery  DigiFab resident Amiko Matsuo

   A key foundation to our program is that there is no silver bullet to technology and project goals. Post production (finishing work) and understanding traditional processes as well as understanding material properties is critical and a lot of that comes only through a traditional understanding of working with materials and processes. Using a laser machine to create an assembly of parts that act as an armature or hanging structure for a weaving ( or creating your own loom, see our feature on Samantha Bittman's use of a laser at Haystack) or using a CNC router to create a surface design that can be used with felting, paper casting or as a wood block. Or use of a program such as 123D Make to create a flat pattern from a 3D or 2D design that you can print out at home or send to a pattern printer, these are all useful strategies for creatively approaching a project. 

Example of a simple sphere imported into Autodesk's 123D Make program to create a flat pattern that can be cut out of sheet metal on a CNC router or printed on a laser out of matt board or felt, or on a regular at home printer.

   With all these ideas (and everyday we learn more) what is remarkable and what stands as a pivotal point now for creatives is not that these machines are purchased and become a staple in your studio but that knowing the process allows you to plug into the machines without having to own a 40K laser or deal with the hassles of maintenance on a 3D printer. Yes, we have a 3D printer and some of these other machines but what is powerful about having the knowledge is that there are a plentitude of service providers from Ponoko to Shapeways to 3D Hubs among many other competitors that you can literally send your file to and receive within a relatively quick turn around. If you prefer a more hands on approach there are FabLabs and TechShops and a host of other digital fabrication resources around you that you may not even realize are there and able to take your file. 

   Digital fabrication and CNC machines have been around for decades. Unfortunately it is mainly 3D printing that is receiving the bulk of attention and hype but the reality is that the computer has become part of the process for majority of artists in some way or another whether as part of the creative practice or a necessity for online presence via a website or utilizing a social media platform. 

  There is so much potential to merging tradition and technology and that is one of the reasons that Knotwe came about and we continue to develop Knotwe and the Fiber Textiles Surface Design Registry. In the up coming months we hope you will keep plugged in and certainly as always Knotwe is a platform for you, our readers so share what you are working on or send us a note.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new face to the Fiber Textiles Surface Design Registry as well as some new features and other info. Spring cleaning it is!

Detail of a 14" x 14" cross-stitch created on a 10 -needle embroidery machine for DigiFab resident Asheer Akram

Batsford Prize!


What are your New Year's resolutions? How can you take your work to a new audience? We set our goals and challenges everyday in the studio. What will you do in the New Year to push yourself creatively in new directions?

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Rescheduled!: Knotwe Talks: Meeting of the Registry Members


Rescheduled! KNOTWE TALKS: Meeting of the Fiber Textiles Surface Design Registry Members  

Online. Rescheduled for Saturday, December 13, 2014 5 PM EST

Members RSVP 

Find out what is on the agenda  & more!

Knotwe Talks is an online open format for member exchange and is scheduled in both in public and private to the members formats. Learn more about Knotwe Talks and Membership to the Fiber Textiles Surface Design Registry.

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